The Quiet Roar of a Hummingbird

Meet Hummingbird Windsor


 Seventeen-year-old Hummingbird Windsor should have known that stealing glitzy clothing in exchange for protection from an ex-boyfriend/bully wasn’t a smart move. In legal trouble, she is sent to live with her estranged father in Bellesport, Maine, where she must volunteer on the locked memory care unit, where her grandmother has recently been placed. Tragedy ensues. Only when misplaced trust is overshadowed by unexpected friendship does Hummingbird experience the painfully won gain known as love.  



  • The Quiet Roar of a Hummingbird is as compassionate as it is courageous. If we are what we remember, imagine that self in the throes of forgetting all that was. This is the story told by Catherine Gentile, though what compels isn’t so much its subject matter, but how she tells it with such grace and hope and conviction. __ Jack Driscoll, Pushcart winning author of The World a Few Minutes Ago 

  • I read this novel avidly, fell in love with Hummingbird, and was greatly moved. Gentile writes exquisitely. __Monica Wood, author of the best selling memoir, When We Were the Kennedys 

  • The Quiet Roar of the Hummingbird will teach you, make you question what you know, and open your heart to a view of Alzheimer's care that is grounded in compassionate listening; even when the only voice is silence. __Mary E. Plouffe, Ph.D. 

  • Throughout this story, the protagonist, Hummingbird, remains steadfast in her efforts to maintain her grandmother's dignity in the nursing home. She reminds us to strive to understand the meaning that underlies the behaviors of the Alzheimer's patient. This is a story that will appeal to many readers and it is certainly a must read for anyone whose family has been visited by the unwanted guest Hummingbird refers to as "Arlene Alzheimer." __Dr. John Campbell, Maine Medical Center